Setting up your profile

Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, setting up a Google+ profile can help increase visibility in local search results and global searches alike.

If you don’t already have one setup for your business, we can create an optimized Google+ Local Business page, complete with NAP synchronization to ensure your contact details are consistent with your website.

As part of our profile creation process, we can even custom design an image to be displayed at the top of your Google+ page, profile image, and write a custom description that makes the most of the limited characters available.

Google+ profile creation

Joining communities and building your circles

A key part of building an engaging online presence is ensuring your content gets shared socially, with both current and potential customers.

This is why it’s important to make sure your Google+ profile is integrating with the most relevant communities and circles.

That’s why as well as creating and optimizing your local business page, we also help build your following through content sharing in the circles that are most engaged with content from your industry.

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Joining communities and building your circles can be an important part of managing your business presence on Google+
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Million active users of Google+

Analyzing results of Google+ marketing

With Google+, we use data gathered from your audience’s interaction with previous posts to help optimize the success of ongoing marketing strategies.

This includes finding the best time to share content based on the activity of users in your Google+ circles, as well as identifying trends in the type of content with the highest level of engagement.

We also track direct conversions to measure how often people click through to your website based on the content, optimized description and post title.

It’s this research into the demographic, location, and sharing habits of your Google+ following that drives the success of our Google+ marketing campaigns.

Bud SEO provide you with detailed insights into your Google+ audience, helping to improve content marketing strategies and increase conversions