Promotional campaigns

The beauty of Facebook is that it gives you the ability to refine your target audience to a much better degree than standard SEO alone.

But with such a large number of daily users, making sure your content gets in front of the relevant people isn’t always easy.

This is what makes page promotion campaigns so effective. We perform in-depth research before starting any campaign, to make sure your content is being displayed to the most engaging demographic and location.

Facebook marketing campaigns allow us to target the audience most relevant to your business or site content

Page and content creation

With social media playing such an important part in the success of many businesses, if you don’t already have a Facebook page setup, we can create one for you.

Once the page is setup, we can even create shareable content to help promote your page, and to start building the interaction with your customers.

Through a combination of analysing your page insights and those of your competitors, we will then develop a content sharing and timing strategy.

This helps to make sure your content is being seen by potential customers when they are most likely to be looking for your service.

1.23 Billion monthly active users
of people in western Europe use Facebook
of people in North America use Facebook
Million users in the United States alone

Why is Facebook important to business?

Being the largest social network, Facebook is often the first choice of social presence for many new and established businesses.

As well as having this large user base, it’s the activity of these users that can be so beneficial for reaching out to your target audience.

With 757 million users logging into their account daily, this increases the likelihood of social sharing and engagement with your content.

Through Facebook marketing campaigns, it’s also possible to target very specific audiences that have the highest relevance to your business.

But it isn’t just the current opportunities that make the social network so attractive for growing your brand online.

With the largest user base of any social network and impressive future growth prospects, Facebook can be an excellent way to grow your business

The number of Facebook users in the Asia / Pacific region is projected to increase by 28% by 2015, together with a 15% increase in both Western Europe and North America.