Why does Google impose penalties?

The basic aim of Google is to provide natural search results that are both high quality and relevant to the search query.

Over recent years, companies were found that they could use methods that were frowned upon by Google to artificially inflate their rankings.

This is why 2 main types of penalties were created; those that are a by-product of an algorithm update, and those which are manually imposed by the Google Search Quality Team.

Regular updates to Google's algorithms are seeing more and more websites hit with penalties due to negative SEO practices

Signs of a website penalty

If your site suffers a sudden drop in rankings and visitors then the chances are high that it has been affected by one of these penalties.

In the case of algorithm changes, this will usually be due to a site being picked up by Penguin or Panda, Google algorithms designed to prevent large scale link networks and duplicate content.

While most algorithm penalties will result in a severe drop in rankings, it can result in your site being removed from the index altogether.

In terms of the manual penalty, imposed by the Search Quality Team at Google, this will usually be due to a violation of their Webmaster Guidelines.

If the issues that cause your site to be hit by these penalties aren’t resolved to Google’s satisfaction, then it can have a major impact on your business.

If your site has experienced a sudden drop in traffic, it could be a Google penalty

With many years of experience working with major search engines, we specialize in quickly identifying why a site has been penalized, and the best course of action to get them back up the rankings.

If you think your site has been affected by a Google penalty, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our strategy for penalty recovery

If your website has suffered a penalty, the most important thing to do before anything else can move forward is find the cause.

Here at Bud, we have a number of tools designed to audit and classify your inbound links to quickly identify if this is likely to be the cause of the penalty.

A variety of more in-depth checks are then performed that are used to identify the cause, including checking for duplicate content.

We’ve not only managed to recover sites from these penalties when they happen, but also return their site visitors to a point that is outperforming the level they were at before their site was hit.

While the time it takes to a recover a site can vary, it's usually possible within a few weeks or months

Whether you believe your site has suffered from an algorithm or manual penalty, contact us today for a free quotation to restore your site’s ranking.