What is link building?

As one of the indicators that your site should be ranking highly in the search results, Google looks at how many links are pointing at it.

Until recently, many companies relied on SEO agencies that would gather as many back links as possible in an effort to make their client’s site appear more authoritative than it really was.

While this worked for a time, Google has now introduced the Penguin algorithm, which essentially lowers the rankings of sites that have been using links from networks and poor quality sites to artificially boost their ranking.

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Algorithms including Penguin and Panda have made it more important to gain links from relevant and authoritative sources

Why is it important?

The importance of building links back to your site hasn’t changed, it’s just become more important to find an agency that can do this naturally.

Creating these high quality inbound links is one of the most effective ways to build up the authority of your website.

But it isn’t just a case of creating as many links back to your site as possible. If you are with an agency that uses that strategy for you now, then the chances are your results will be short lived.

At Bud SEO, we hand pick and analyse the quality of every site that links back to you, to make sure you are only receiving the highest quality inbound links.

This helps to increase the authority and position of your site in the search rankings, but more importantly, help keep it there.

Link building is an important part of ranking you business website high in the search results

Our strategy

As well as offering a service to help businesses who were hit by this algorithm change recover, we also ensure we only create natural links to your website from high quality sources.

This is managed through a combination of blogger outreach, creation of high quality shareable content, and building relationships with authoritative sites in your industry.

By building links to your site organically, we help to ensure that your search rankings aren’t just high now, but also protected against future algorithm changes and penalties.

Organic link building is an important part of any successful SEO campaign