What is rank tracking?

One of the best ways to measure the success of an SEO campaign is to monitor the rankings in search results for your chosen key terms.

That’s why we keep a careful eye on the day to day ranking changes of your web pages for the keywords you provide us.

We then combine this rank tracking data with our visitor count and location data to provide useful insights into which areas of your industry are gaining traction, and which are losing interest.

But it isn’t just your own rankings that we keep track of. If a competitor moves above you in the search results it’s important to understand why.

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Rank tracking is a way of measuring how your rankings are changing in the search results for specific key terms or phrases

Competitive rank tracking

Our collection of tools allows us to identify any competitor site that is advancing towards your position in the rankings, as well as any that are currently ahead of you.

This information is then collated every 4 weeks and rolled into the monthly report we create for you.

Providing this data on a monthly rather than a daily or weekly basis makes it clearer to identify these trends, and make informed decisions over how to react.

Monthly reports identifying emerging search trends in your industry help to stay ahead of the competition