Why provide a monthly report?

An important part of any SEO campaign is transparency. This includes being able to track exactly what’s being done to improve your company’s rankings for your selected key terms.

That’s why every month we will provide you with an in-depth report that updates you with the progress of your current campaign.

We will also provide more detailed back link data and a collection of new keyword research data to make sure your website always stays on top of the latest search trends in your industry.

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Monthly reports identifying emerging search trends in your industry help to stay ahead of the competition

What do we include in our reports?

Ranking improvements

Changes in ranking positions for your keywords and search terms

Changes in search volume

Any major fluctuations in search volume for these keywords

Emerging trends

Search query patterns identified using data from previous months

Social media growth

Growth in your company’s social networking accounts (if applicable)

Back link profile

Current state overview and a plan of work for the upcoming month

Upcoming changes

Any new requirements based on feedback from your business

Competitive analysis

Changes in rank in relation to your competitors for key terms

Content recommendations

Content to be developed based on emerging trends and requirements