What is competitive analysis?

Successful SEO campaigns need to be based on a strong, focused strategy.

There’s no point diving head first into a campaign without doing the relevant research and analysis to identify what is required to be successful.

You need to discover which phrases drive the most traffic in your industry, what approaches have been successful for the competition and how much work is required to bridge the gap. Only then can you know what is required from a campaign.

In many cases, if you are looking to recruit an SEO agency for a new campaign, one of the reasons will be that you aren’t ranking as highly as you would like for key search terms.

This means that there are competitors that are out-ranking you, and figuring out why is an important part of moving closer to that first place position.

The reasons for these sites ranking above yours are wide ranging, and could be due to anything from a better link distribution, to having more efficiently optimized page content.

Our competitive audit strategy

Whether you are starting to optimize a new business site or simply improve on your existing rankings, having a clear understanding of the competition and what you need to do to outrank them is an important first step.

While you may already have a good idea of who your main competitors are, this can also bring up a few companies who you may not have considered direct competition for your chosen keywords.

This is why we take a multi directional approach to competitive audits, meaning we look at everything from the on page optimization to the number of social shares.

Using a number of analytics tools, we are able to narrow down the potential reason for their higher rankings, and create a tailor made SEO plan. This is designed to put your site in a position where search engines will judge the content as more relevant and valuable than your competitors.

Our competitive audit strategy looks at all aspects of sites belonging to your direct competitors
As well as analysing these competitors ranked higher than your website in the search results, we like to also keep watch on any that are ‘up-and-coming’, and that may have the potential to outrank your site in the future.