Site Audit

Before making any changes, it’s important to identify and prioritise any outstanding issues in the form of a full site audit. This helps to clarify the level of work involved to improve your site’s visibility in the search results for your chosen key terms.

Monthly Reporting

Transparency is an important part of both our SEO and social media strategies. Keeping you up to date with how your campaign is moving forward, as well as any changes required for the coming month is achieved through our in-depth monthly reports.

Rank Tracking

There’s no better way to judge the success of an SEO strategy than monitoring your rank in the search results for chosen keywords. As well as tracking changes in your own site’s rankings, we also monitor the rank of competitors to make sure you retain your higher placing.

Competitive Audit

Together with performing a full audit of your own site’s structure and SEO performance, we will also run site audits on your closest competitors. This helps to provide a clearer idea of any emerging trends specific to your industry.