Why choose Bud SEO?

With Google’s search algorithms changing more frequently and the ongoing shift towards long tail search terms, it’s important to work with an agency that creates and adapts strategies that continue to deliver you optimum results.

We work to continually stay on top of these changes, as well as providing in-depth analytics of your results and helping to identify potential new opportunities within upcoming search trends.

While many SEO agencies continue to engage in low quality backlink campaigns with little to no lasting success, we ensure that everything we do is tailored towards delivering your business with the high quality results you expect, both now and in the future.

At Bud SEO we focus on all aspects of search engine marketing, optimization, and social media integration

Our strategy

While our main services involve all major aspects of modern search engine marketing, identifying how these can be used to guarantee the greatest return for your business is our specialty.

Starting from your initial site audit and list of required key terms, we can determine where our time can be spent most effective for building your audience, while at the same time providing an optimum return on your investment.

To keep you updated with the progress of each campaign, we provide you with monthly reports containing everything from a list of newly created backlinks, to the demographic most engaged with your content shared through social media.

Bud SEO search marketing strategy

Increasing your site traffic and social media presence through daily research, technical SEO, and revenue driven approach combines with this transparency to provide high quality, measurable results.

Pricing structure

Unlike many agencies, we don’t provide fixed price SEO packages. We recognize that the services for a large business won’t necessarily meet the needs of a purely online presence or startup.

That’s why we offer to provide you with a bespoke, no obligation quote, based on your specific requirements (Completely free of charge).

Our basic SEO packages start at £500 per month, scaling up to full content strategy and social marketing campaigns across the website and social network profiles for large businesses.

Search engine optimization pricing  options